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Always seeking the “good” in white people even when their behavior is evil and always seeking the “evil” in black people even when their behavior is good.



Micheal Brown is being laid to rest today. The family has asked for a day of peace without protest during the funeral proceedings. #staywoke #insolidarity

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“I think a lot of people don’t understand that when we talk about these issues—blackface, rape jokes, the appropriation of marginalized cultures, and so on—we are having an ethical conversation, not a legal one. There is no thought police. No one’s coming to your house and carting you off to Insensitivity Prison. But you, as a person living on this planet, get to make a choice whether you want to hurt people or help people. Whether you want to listen or shut people out. I can’t imagine why you’d choose “defensive shithead” over “nice lady capable of empathy,” but okey dokey.”

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evanescentt-beauty said: Half your posts are so unfactual. It's so unfortunate. Israel's goals are not to kill children, but to protect their own.



You are a liar. Over 600 Palestinians have been killed in the space of 2 weeks - more than 25% of whom children - and the best you can think of is ‘Israel’s goals are not to kill children’?

You’re not mistaken or ignorant, you know the truth but choose to lie in order to support Israel’s ethnic cleansing of Palestine.

You want Palestinians to be wiped out (yep, definitely click this link) which is why you lie about Israel’s intentional killing of Palestinian children. Anyone who’s spent even a minute watching the news or on social media especially within the past two weeks has seen how the Israeli military targets innocent civilians, hospitals and ambulances.

'Half your posts are so unfactual' - the first thing you'll notice about this blog is that it's full of links to reliable sources. Read them. 

And on that note

"An Israeli army officer who fired the entire magazine of his automatic rifle into a 13-year-old Palestinian girl and then said he would have done the same even if she had been three years old was acquitted on all charges by a military court yesterday."


“And cis is not a hate word. If cisgender people don’t like being called it, it’s because they don’t like being criticized by trans people and they’re usually hearing it in contexts of trans people explaining the myriad ways cis people are inconsiderate of them. Cis is not a slur. It wasn’t devised that way, it doesn’t usually function that way. Sure, some trans activists are hateful abusive people. Hateful abusive people come in all sizes, shapes, colors, sexual orientations, and gender orientations. But the word “cis” is at its core simply descriptive and needs to catch on for the reasons I enumerated before. While the “Die Cis Scum!” meme is unfortunate, there’s hardly the rash of murders of cis people by trans people that there is by cis people of trans people. The far more routine murders and verbal abuse of trans people by cis people who call them “trannies” is what makes “tranny” a word associated with hatred and violence. Cis is for the most part just a helpful distinction concept. It’s not uniquely or predominantly a slur. If you’re feeling the sting of always hearing cis in critical contexts, it’s better to start listening to all the ways trans people are frustrated and think of what (usually incredibly minimal) changes you could make to simply accommodate their frustrations and make their lives exponentially easier. That’s more productive than whining that they have “heaven forfend!” devised a word to describe you that isn’t “normal”.”

Why Do We Need Labels Like Gay, Bi, Trans and Cis?

Last one. I especially like this because it acknowledges that there are asshats who make fairly awful and stupid threats attached to the “cis” label and also that they’re hardly a dangerous multitude in the way that transphobes are. 

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Clue (Jonathan Lynn, 1985)

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